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Meet our Pharmacy Staff

John L. Colvard, Jr.John L. Colvard, Jr.

Registered Pharmacist and Owner

John is the owner and pharmacist of Center Pharmacy. He has been a registered pharmacist for over 35 years and has been compounding for physicians in this area for over 25 years. He is tireless when it comes to the needs of the patient. His specialty? The good health of the patient. Physicians call him regularly to discuss medication options. John went to the University of Alabama and received a BS in Biology and Chemistry. He then went to Pharmacy School at Auburn University. He loves college football so come in and tell him who your favorite team is.

Heather Eriksen - Compounding Pharmacist Columbus GAHeather Eriksen

Pharmacy Tech and Administrative Services

Heather has been with Center Pharmacy for over 18 years. She has worked in the capacity of a Pharmacy Tech and now handles all administrative services. She helps John oversee the day to day operation of running the pharmacy. Heather takes an active role in the lives of her four daughters and loves gardening and getting to the beach.

Marcie K. Nagem ToppingMarcie K. Nagem Topping

Marketing and Compounding Coordinator

Marcie is the Marketing and Compounding Coordinator at Center Pharmacy. She calls on medical providers and educates them on specific formulas. She promotes and handles all aspects of marketing for the pharmacy. She was previously in media sales for over 27 years. She is a tea enthusiast, enjoys herb gardening and spending time with her family and friends.

Kandy JamesKandy James

Compounding and Pharmacy Technician

Kandy is a Compounding Tech with Center Pharmacy. Kandy loves being a part of the compounding lab and seeing how various prescribed formulas benefit people. "I have learned so much about different medicines and how they help people. It is intriguing that there are so many different pain compounds that can be customized for people for various reasons," says Kandy. Kandy is very involved in the lives of her twin children, is a Sunday School Teacher and loves Georgia Football!

Delivery CrewMeet our Delivery Crew

Robert Poole, David Davis, William Fowler, and Curtis Ellis

Robert Poole, David Davis, William Fowler, and Curtis Ellis work as a team to get medications delivered all over town to our customers. They know their routes well and deliveries are made twice daily. They are all big SEC football fans. Ask them who their favorite team is!