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About Us

Center Pharmacy has been serving this area since 1957. We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers. And if you are a new customer, Center Pharmacy will soon know you on a first name basis. By being a local and independent pharmacy we are able to offer you the personal service you deserve from a pharmacy. We pride ourselves on being able to get a prescription filled quickly. You don't have to take a number and stand in line to get your prescription here at Center Pharmacy like you do at some of the big chains.

Center Pharmacy is a Compounding Pharmacy. That means we make medications that have been prescribed for your specific needs. With a prescription from your physician we can make a medication just for your needs that is not manufactured. Compounding has been a part of the pharmacy profession since its inception and is the original way medications were made before they were manufactured. That same art of compounding is still available today at Center Pharmacy.

Center Pharmacy makes topical creams and gels, sprays, troches, suspensions, capsules, lollipops, and more. We compound Bio-identical Hormones, Pain Creams, even Pet's medications that can be rubbed into a cat's ear or made into a tasty treat. Take a look at our list of compounding categories on this website (which continues to grow).

John Colvard, owner and pharmacist has been compounding for physicians in this market for over 33 years. Center Pharmacy is a member of PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) offering an enormous data base of research and consults with their PharmDs who talk and work with medical providers worldwide regarding many patient conditions.

Along with being a Compounding Pharmacy and dispensing medications, Center Pharmacy also does Immunizations, has a great line of Professional Supplements and has a Delivery Service.

To our customers we say thank you for doing business with Center Pharmacy. We hope this website will familiarize you with all we have to offer.

Come to Center Pharmacy for your medications, compounded or dispensed, immunizations and supplements. And don't forget, we also have delivery services.

Center Pharmacy, "Where We Know You"