John Murphy, ChemStation Southeast Co-Owner

"You do business with people you trust and like. Center Pharmacy is a personable place to come and do business, it's not complicated. Everybody here is friendly, they have great customer service. There is no relationship with a big chain. And if there's no relationship, there's no trust. I pass big chains on the way to Center Pharmacy, but it's worth the drive to come here. I recommend this pharmacy to everyone because they have the best customer service you will find in a pharmacy anywhere. Everybody in the pharmacy is friendly. Center Pharmacy is what a pharmacy used to be and is intended to be."

Coach BR Johnson

"Center Pharmacy has been my pharmacy since they opened. I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of Center Pharmacy. Their prescriptions, compounded medications, and deliveries. I even get my flu shot here. The staff is extremely friendly and personable. There's such a great atmosphere at Center Pharmacy, I'm always glad to get a refill because it's good just to come and visit."

Mary Pat King, Interior Decorator

"I do business with Center Pharmacy because of their customer relations. It's always a very pleasant and enjoyable experience to walk thru the door at Center Pharmacy. Everyone speaks and calls you by name. They ask how you are doing. I love using their Delivery Service if I can't get by. The atmosphere at Center Pharmacy gives you a happy feeling just to be there. It's real friendly and homey at Center Pharmacy."

Sharon Cole, CMA, BS

"I've been a customer at Center Pharmacy since 1972. I believe in John Colvard and I don't have anything but good things to say about him. Center Pharmacy is a good place to do business and it's a hometown business. Center Pharmacy delivers on time and they have prompt service. You do not have to stand up and wait all day at Center Pharmacy. They are very courteous. They will also let you know if the cash price is better than the insurance price. They will educate you on your prescription. As a nurse, we will often have patients that need medications that are not manufactured. Center Pharmacy helps them get what they need in the right amount by compounding it. The patient may not be able to swallow a pill, Center Pharmacy can make a liquid or maybe even a body topical. Center Pharmacy caters to be needs of the patient."